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Art is beautiful. But makes a lot of work. — Curt Alexander

Benefit from my extensive experience and my network in the art field – as a designer, curator, gallery director and artist I have developed a comprehensive understanding of artistic issues/approaches/processes and their communication. As a designer, I put my ‘ego‘ behind, either the art, the artist or the gallery stands alone in the foreground, or the graphic design becomes part of the art or the gallery (or the graphic design becomes a component of the art).

Frank Benno Junghanns grew up in an artistic environment (sculptor parents) and was himself artistically active for two decades, mainly with site/space-related and interactive installations. From 1997 to 2010 he curated/organized over 60 exhibitions as 'Kunstwirt' (who worked in the 'field of art') and as director and spiritus rector of the Kunstfaktor Produzentengalerie Berlin. In addition, from 1984 to the present day, he has advised, conceived and organized a similar number of exhibitions and large-scale projects for artists, curators and his father. As a designer, he has produced countless catalogues, printed matter and websites for artists, cultural projects and galleries since 1990.


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Service for artists, galleries/exhibitors, companies and collectors

  • Design – catalogues, brochures, posters and flyers – from ‘good+value’ to ‘unique+exclusive’ – always of high quality
  • Websites – design and development, optimal user guidance (UX Design & User Experience) – attractive and target-oriented. With subsequent support and/or content management system (CMS) for independent content input by the customer
  • Online exhibitions – classic online presentation, virtual exhibition rooms or live transmission of openings or art processes
  • Image – photography, colour reproduction, image editing and optimization for print and web
  • Text – revision, correction and translation, finding art reviewers/writers
  • Exhibition/art fair – consulting, conception and design of the presentation, organisation, lighting, events/catering, PR consulting/intermediation etc.
  • Art acquisition – artists/artworks for exhibitions, art on buildings, facade design and furnishing of private and business spaces
  • Catalogue raisonné – consulting and intermediation, compilation of digital inventories of works
  • Everything from one source – individual consulting and conception, support, design and production handling


Cooperation with artists
(Artists for whom I have designed printed matter and websites and/or which I have shown in exhibitions organised/curated by me; incomplete list, only 1990 to 2019)

Claudia Aravena Abu-Ghosh | Akinbode Akinbiyi | Thomas von Arx | Anna Barth | Silvia Beck | Wolf Biermann | Mathilde Bonbon | Michaele Brüll | Karin Christen | Gerard Dekker | Jakob Diehl | Bruno Dorn | Elke Drapatz | Sigrun Drapatz | Peter Duka | Thomas Dzieran | Roland Eckelt | Ruth Elisiv Ekeland | Jakobine Engel | Markus Epha | Jörg Finus | Stefan Forler | Beate Gaenssle | Elke Graalfs | Andreas Greußlich | Jörg Hasheider | Tomohiro Hatori | Daniel Heer | Vanessa von Heidebreck | ter Hell | Olaf Hoffmann | Stefan Holzmüller | Gerard Janssen | Susanne Jung | Ayse Tülay Kahraman | Frank Kästner | Tamaki Kawaguchi | Floor van Keulen | Susumu Kinoshita | Franziska Klotz | Tomoko Kofuneko | Edmund Kohm | Masami Kondo | Gabriele Konsor | J. H. Kopfcreme | Stefan Kreide | Anne Krickeberg | Almuth Krisko | Christina Kubisch | Lothar Lambert | David D. Lauer | Arno Lensky | Uwe Lindau | Catherine Lorent | Wolfgang Ludwig | Sergio Marcelli | Jessica Miekeley | Midori Mitamura | Eveline Mooibroek | Daia Morariu | Karina Mosegård | Noritoshi Motoda | Christl Mudrak | Iris Musolf | Izumi Ooishi | Tatsumi Orimoto | Michael Ott | Hans-Christian Petersen | Hans Pfeifer | Mariel Poppe | Ladislaus 'Lazi' Pradl | Marco Riedel | Monika Romstein | Juan Carlos Robles | Markus Rock | Peter Rollny | René de Rooze | Corinna Rosteck | Stefan Rueff | Gabriela Salamanca | Antonio Santin | Schädelwaldt | Georg Schalla | Marion Schebesta | Peter Lorenz Schedler | Susanne Schirdewahn | Eva Schlutius | Gabriele Seifert | Bettina Sellmann | Chieo Senzaki | Hans-Martin Sewcz | Tadayuki Shimada | Mio Shirai | Ulrike Solbrig | Evelyn Sommerhoff | Anton Stankowski | Anita Staud | Lucie Strecker | Paola Sturiale | Caro Suerkemper | Hiroshi Suzuki | Frank Taffelt | Matthäus Thoma | Ilgaz Özgen Topgugolu | Uwe Trierweiler | Christine Ulke | Juan Varela | Nelson Vergara | Junko Wada | Dana Widawski | Renate Widmann | Rainer Wieczorek | Nobuki Yamamoto | Rita Zimmerman | Regula Zink | Claudia Zweifel