July 25 – August 9, 2009 at HIGURE 17-15 CAS, Tokyo

  Interactive artwork by Frank Benno Junghanns, Berlin
  Big Artist is Watching You (The Missing Artist I)


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I created this "Interface" as a substitutional identity – to compensate
my absence of the group of invited German & Japanese artists in the
contemporary art space Higure 17-15 CAS in Tokyo.

Pushing the front button connected me -the missing artist- in Berlin,
or wherever I have been. I saw the guest, but the guest could only
speak to me and hear me. Everybody who called the Skype-account
of this interface could have a view in the gallery space.

Frank Benno Junghanns
The Missing Artist 1: Big Artist is Watching You

Selfportrait (print), wooden frame,
various electronics, Arduino, Mac.
255 x 255 x 50 mm (+MacMini).